UrbanTrak offers a wide range of Wooden railway elements for street and elevated railways in urban centers. Trams, Light Rail, Monorail, and other rail networks are found in many cities and towns throughout the world - shouldn't they be part of your layout too?
Custom railway pieces allow for parallel, intersecting, and branching lines. The track is stackable and connects with traditional wooden track to carry your railway into the suburbs and countryside for a comprehensive regional railway.
Pieces can be used to construct a train maze on a floor or table. Take turns placing elements like a game - connecting lines as you build. Tracks stack, store and travel easily. And the pieces can even be integrated into modular railway tables based on wTrak or a custom layout of your own design.
Pictures and layouts are coming soon! Our urban planner and railway carpenter are rushing to open the line as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us at info@urbanTrak.com